CDC Issues Strongest Endorsement For Masks Yet!

Well it looks like the CDC is saying what we told you 7 months ago.  Face masks are the number one protection against COVID-19.  In an article published by Nick Visser, Senior Writer at the Huffington Post, the CDC has issued its strongest endorsement yet for the widespread wearing of masks.  This is not news as the President of LGI Branding has been saying all along.  In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you need a face mask.

Lisa Goshon believes the reason the CDC is not quite telling the truth about whether or not cloth face masks really prevent the spread of COVID-19 is due to the supply chain.  If the government made a recommendation that everyone should wear a surgical masks like the BlacTec N95 which is produced in the U.S, there would be a worldwide shortage.

Instead, the CDC is now telling the public we need to adopt a universal mask policy in the U.S.  Whether the new Biden administration goes that far remains to be scene.


It's no secret surgical grade face masks are the best protection against COVID-19 and not the cheap blue disposable masks.  The BlacTec N95 is the first 6-ply high grade filtering face mask that's non restrictive and easy to wear.