China fools U.S. consumers with "fake" KN95

While the world continues to battle against COVID-19, it appears China is up to their old tricks of bait and switch.

This week researchers at the ECRI institute one of the most trusted voices in healthcare reported that 70% of KN95 face masks are bogus!

Marcus Schabacker, MD, PhD, ECRI’s president and CEO tested these imported masks and determined they DO NOT meet the safety standards of N95 face masks.  In fact, it was uncovered that more than 70% tested do not contain filters as advertised and fail the U.S. filtration standards.

With more than 200,000 Americans now dead from COVID-19 and counting, healthcare buyers and the general public must be diligent in purchasing face masks.

We suspect that hundreds of millions of these fake KN95 mask have blanketed the U.S.  If you own a KN95 then get rid of it!

Instead, Americans should only purchase products made in the U.S. like the BlacTec N95 to ensure the product meets standards set by the FDA and CDC.  For more information on BlacTec N95 face masks visit