Dr. Fauci Said It's Time to Wear a Black Tech Mask!

If you've been following the news then you know the CDC has finally said what we've been saying for 9 months.  Cloth face masks are the "worse" at protecting against COVID-19.

I believe the reason the government hasn't recommended medical grade mask is simple:  disruption of the supply chain.  In order to avoid another global mask shortage, Dr. Fauci and the good folks at the Department of Health and Human Services have changed their position when it comes to face masks.

Last May, we talked about how ineffective cloth mask are because of the materials, construction and fit, and function.  Most fabrics are pourous meaning everything floating in the air either penetrates or adheres to the material.

Unlike other medical grade mask, the Black Tech N95 is the highest level of protection against COVID-19 thanks to the unique design and high grade filters.

The Black Tech N95 mask fits very close for nearly zero percent gapping.  Black Tech is also both fluid and flame resistant and filters 95% of small particulates.  It's the type of mask you don't need to double up on.

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