The CDC warns against these types of face masks!

We've been saying it for nearly a year now.  Don't wear gator mask, face scarfs, or anything made of fabric for that matter.  


While scarves are surely better than nothing, the CDC warns that they do not qualify as protective gear. The health authority explains on its website that scarves that are "used for warmth are usually made of loosely knit fabrics that are not suitable and offer little to no protection.

If you have to wear a cloth mask then choose one with a proper fit and multiple layers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that some popular face coverings, particularly those worn in the winter put you at greater risk.

The bottom line is you need a surgical grade mask like the Black Tech N95.  FDA/CDC authorized, Black Tech masks are made of 6-ply high-grade filters rated for fluid resistance, filtration value, breathability, flammability and filter 95% of incoming and outgoing particulates like COVID-19.  Black Tech masks are triple cover stitched for maximum strength, comfort and durability and form a complete seal around the mouth, nose and chin for zero gapping. 

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