Why the CDC Isn't Telling the Truth About Cloth Face Masks!

Once again the CDC is all over the place when it comes to cloth face masks.  The truth is, anything made out of fabric is going to attract particles floating in the air and that includes the coronavirus.  Cloth face masks are actually the "worse" for many reasons.  People have a bad habit of touching the masks and when this happens, cross contamination occurs.  The normal practice of washing the masks everyday is a thing of the past.  Just look around and you clearly get the picture.  In the beginning of the pandemic, people washed their masks twice a day.  

The best type of face mask is a surgical grade like the BlacTec N95 safety mask. Made of high grade material, BlacTec masks are designed to filter 95% of incoming and outgoing particulates.  Perhaps the reason the CDC isn't telling the public everything they know because they don't understand enough about COVID-19.  It's like a guessing game.  Everyday there's a new report which is confusing the public.

However, when it comes to cloth face masks, the CDC is clearly in the dark and doesn't know much about fabrics.  They are pushing the narrative that 2-ply cotton masks are good and will protect you from contracting COVID-19 which is simply not true.  According to Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, “I probably would stay away from the gaiters as a mask of choice because we at least have some evidence that some don’t necessarily work."

The truth is the CDC doesn't want you to purchase surgical masks because they don't want to disrupt the supply chain and create a worldwide shortage.  It's all about supply and demand right now and less about safety.