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Protecting American Workers Starts With a BlackTech N95!

"Firestone mechanics love BlackTech!

U.S. Customs & Border Patrol Intercept Counterfeit Chinese KN95 Mask Imported to America

The Best Protection Against COVID-19 is a Black Tech Mask!

Black Tech face masks are classified as Level I, II, III by ASTM.  Made of high-grade 6 ply melt blown and polypropylene materials, Black Tech masks are rated for fluid resistance, filtration value, breathability and flammability.   Black Tech masks also filter 95% of incoming and outgoing particulates. The ear loops are made with a blend of poly, spandex and nylon elastic with triple cover stitching for maximum strength, comfort, and durability. The unique design forms a tight seal around the mouth, nose and chin.  This is an extremely important feature when it comes to protecting yourself from COVID-19.  Often times you'll see individuals wearing surgical masks but they are not properly fitted.  This is known as mask "gapping."  When gapping occurs, it becomes easy for bacteria and viruses to breach the perimeter of the nose and mouth and increase the risk of exposure.

COVID-19 has changed the way we go about our daily lives including how we conduct business. Companies now have the added expense of purchasing face mask for employees and in some cases customers.  This added cost has has negatively affected the bottom line regardless of the companies size.  However, Black Tech masks are reusable and can be worn multiple times which will save you money which is important at a time when the economy is crippling along and millions of hard working Americans have lost their jobs or a significant portion of their income due to the pandemic. 

Black Tech is the #1 Choice of Airline Attendants

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Black Tech Masks Are Made in America!

What Size Mask Should I Order?

Everything you need to know about face masks

How Face Mask Are Classified: Level I, II, III

Disposable face masks are classified into three (3) categories by the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) and rated based on their ability to resist fluid, bacterial filtration efficiency, particulate filtration efficiency, differential pressure and flame spread.  Black Tech masks are rated level 3 which is the highest level of protection aside from an N95 respirator mask.


FLUID RESISTANCE represents the mask’s resistance to penetration by synthetic blood under pressure (mmHg). It measures the ability of a mask’s material construction to minimize fluids from traveling through the material and potentially coming into contact with the wearer. The higher the fluid resistance (filtration), the better the protection.

BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) represents the percentage of aerosol particulates filtered at a size of 3 microns. It is the measure of the efficiency of the mask in filtering bacteria passing through it.

PFE (sub-micron Particulate Filtration Efficiency) represents the percentage of submicron particulates filtered at 0.1 microns. PFE is the measure of the efficiency of the mask in filtering particles passing through it. The size of the particles filtered is critical.

DELTA P (Differential Pressure) represents the pressure drop across the mask or resistance to air flow in mmH2O/cm2. This determines breathing resistance – the higher the Delta P, the less the breathability, but the better the filtration.

FLAME SPREAD is a ranking derived by laboratory standard test methodology of a material’s propensity to burn rapidly and spread flames.

About Black Tech Masks

Black Tech N95 face masks are authorized by the FDA under the EUA for use as source control by the general public as well as by HCP in healthcare settings as to help prevent the spread of infection or illness during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Black Tech masks are not a respiratory protective device, and therefore should not be used for particulate filtration in high risk aerosol generating procedures. 

For more information send email to:  info@lgibranding.com